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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Car is Dying- Random/Personal

Sadly but surely, old faithful is getting more run down by the day. I currently own a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta. But here is the thing. I got it from my mother in law (me and my ex share a car, long story) anyways she drove the car 2 hours to work everyday (and back), put a ton of mileage on the car and basically caused so many functional problems it's ridiculous and then she pawned it off on us -HAHA! Nearly everything in our car has been replaced or fixed within the last 6 months, lots of money and just an all-round hassle to deal with!!! Thinking of getting a new (probably used but in decent condition) car to replace the piece of crap I'm dealing with right now but I'm having trouble trying to find which cars are environmentally efficient AND have a high safety rating. I have a daughter so this car needs to be safe, car seat compatible and all 'round enjoyable! 

What kind of cars do you drive and are there any you can recommend I check out? So far I have been looking at Honda, Toyota, and the like but haven't found anything I like yet! Not trying to be picky either just being a cautious parent! :)

Picture is not of MY car but the exact same model I have, I love pretty much everything about it except for the fact that it's a Volkswagen because the more research I do, the more i realize they suck and are known for problems. I would appreciate some outside point of views on this one, thanks guys!


  1. don't have a car


  2. Dam that sucks :( Are you guna buy a used or a new car?

    And I dont have a car...yet lol

  3. I love my cadillac, but i don't know hoe efficient it is. :D

  4. you think that is bad, i own a 1983 Nissan Sentra built well but even time takes its toll. my windshield has a crack creeping itself across, about halfway to the other side, transmission is about to go out and i need a new starter for about half the time i go to start it, it will make a loud noise and refuse to start. also had to replace a tire due to a retarded friend not knowing how to turn. unfortunately Les schwabb no longer carries that kind of tire which is a 13 inch

  5. I love my honda. They just keep on running

  6. word up son

    check it

  7. wow doug i feel your pain bud!! thx for the imput guys :)