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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Weeks Poll

I asked : What age do you think it's accepted in society to become a parent? 

58% said 25-35
34% said 18-25
3% said 18 or less
3% said 35+

Personally I think that society has changed a lot over the decades if you think about it. Back in the 1940's-50's girls as young as 13 were married off to older men. They were to bear children and tend the chores and that is all women were good for. In the current decade, it's illegal to be with anyone under 18 (depending on your age) and 16 is legal age of consent (in my country- Canada), yet we still see so many young girls falling pregnant and since society has changed so much there is a lot of stigma surrounding the whole topic. 
I believe that TV and internet access has a lot to do with young girls being so sexualized at a younger age (in this decade anyways) and I think children should be children until they are able to take care of themselves let alone another human being. Not to say that some young people don't make good parents, because they can given the right circumstances. But for the most part it is impossible to take care of another human being when you are not mature or educated enough or even have the financial income.
I was 18 when I got pregnant and even I thought I was young. Too young to handle the responsibility, heck I wasn't even allowed to legally buy cigarettes or alcohol but because I had such a great support system I was reassured (and enrolled in prenatal classes TWICE lol) to ensure that I was capable of being a good parent. At 22, somedays I still feel like I can't believe I have a child at this age but just looking at her and seeing the amazing individual she is becoming, I just know that I am doing a great job.

Thanks for participating in this weeks poll. Feel free to comment and I will be putting up another poll as well!