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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top 5 Time

My favorite TV shows for young children (pre-schoolers)

Now that my daughter is getting older she is getting much more interested in television. I used to just leave it on for background noise during the day but now I find more and more that she will actually be paying attention to the TV and she has learned quite a few things, so I'm happy! With that being said I definitely do not agree with children who sit in front of the TV all day especially at her age but sometimes 30 minutes of education can be a good thing plus it's always nice for mom to get a quick break during the day, I use this time to shower sometimes if I can't get one the night before (while she is safe in her playpen of course).

1. Dora the Explorer. This is pretty much a given, Dora taught my girl to count to 10 in Spanish (she just turned 2), her colours, shapes, sizes. Dora has been a great asset, and it gets a thumbs up from me on the educational scale.

2. Super why. This show is about four kids in Fairytale land who help solve problems by going by lessons taught in books (fairytale morals). This show is teaching my daughter how to spell and read. I was amazed when she started reading the words on the screen! 

3. Ni hao, Ki-Lan. It's about a Chinese kid and her friends. It teaches Chinese, friendship skills and problem solving.

4. Yo Gabba Gabba. Biz Marky....'nuff said. LOL just playin', but for real though. I love this show and I'm a grown up. This show taught my kid how to beat-box, how to interact with other kids, hygiene, manners and there is usually really cool celebrity guests.

5. Franklin. For obvious reasons. I used to read the books as a kid and now me and my daughter watch this one together, its great bonding time. Franklin teaches problem solving and friendship skills.

What kind of shows did you watch when you were young? I can remember watching The Care Bears when I was young and I was always jealous of the kids that got help from them LOL


  1. motherfuckin' magic school bus. that and doug

  2. Oh man Magic School Bus was legit!

  3. I’m not sure I can remember that far back, but I think I was watching Transformers. It’s kinda like Care Bears, except things explode every few seconds to the sound of 80s rock music.

  4. nice info, also the background is delicious :D

  5. Magic School Bus and Inspector Gadget, I loved Inspector Gadget.

    Though I wish we had Ni hao, Ki-Lan when I was younger.

  6. Magic School Bus was SOOOO awesome to me. Even when I was in middle school i still watched it some, haha!

    My main thing when I was younger was cartoons of Looney Tunes and Nicktoons, back when Nickelodeon had quality cartoons and shows instead of the teenage trash tv. Though they still were guilty of rerunning the same episodes all week long... I'd probably watch them anyway.