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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Thinking of taking a vacation this winter! If expenses allow, anyways. I haven't been on a trip in so long! Last time I actually traveled somewhere I ended up stranded for a month (good times!) in Toronto. The time before that was way back in high school when we went to Chicago, that was a blast! But, things are different now. With a child it's so incredibly hard to get away unless you have a willing babysitter (I, however, do not) and I decided to do a post on traveling with children. People do it all the time, It can't be that hard.

Places I want to go:
Since it will be winter here on the east coast I'm thinking of going somewhere warm, although I'm not so sure I want to leave the country as it's a lot of work to do with passports, bookings, travel insurance and such. Here is the list of places I want to go to.
In Canada*

Penticton, British Columbia - Home of the Ogopogo (Nessie's cousin) and also my daughters father spent a good chunk of his life living there, I think it would make a great trip.
Montreal, Quebec - I have already been to Quebec in 2003 for a school trip, I loved it but I feel like we weren't there long enough and would love to go back.

Edmonton, Alberta - West Edmonton mall FTW! Never been there but always wanted to go.

In US* 
East Islip, New York - I have family there that I haven't seen in years and they have never met my daughter so I have a good excuse to go.

Florida - Disney World obviously and have family there as well I haven't seen in a while.

Portland, Oregon - Have friends there and have also never been there.

Traveling with Children:
The younger they are, the harder it is, in my opinion. The older my daughter gets the easier it is to take her places. So if you plan on traveling with children I suggest waiting until they can at least voice their own opinions on what they want or your vacation isn't going to be very great. When she was a baby just taking her overnight to her grandparents was even difficult for me, having to pack pretty much everything in relation to a baby is not fun BTW...but now I take her overnight and we have no problems because I don't need to pack a bazillion things.
Keeping them occupied however is a different story. I have never flown with a child so I don't know how difficult that would be, probably a lot less than driving just because it's faster but when traveling in the car make sure you have plenty of things to keep them busy. If you are lucky they will sleep for a good majority of the time.

I found some good info HERE on traveling with kids. 
I'm going to try to make my vacation as fun and entertaining as possible and hopefully will get to enjoy a lot of things for myself! 

Thanks for reading guys :)


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