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Saturday, October 2, 2010

R & B Star Beats Up Mom

You guys remember this guy right?

For those of you who don't, that's Mario.
Apparently he has been arrested for beating up his mother.
You can read the article HERE.

What do you guys think about this? 
Personally, I'm not even surprised, but that's just me. It seems more and more men now a days can't keep their hands to themselves, it's bad enough that we've got who knows how many people being abused behind closed doors everyday but then you have this guy, who  is famous was in the limelight and he put his hands on this mother. For one, I think it's the mom's fault a little bit I mean, you raised that child, he obviously does not respect you enough, It's your job to correct that at a young age and I think it's more widespread problem then people realize, take a look around at young men growing up today, most of them don't even respect themselves let alone their parents, it's sad because you know right from the start they don't even have a chance. Parents need to step up and be parents, teach your kids that disrespect is wrong from a young age, nip it in the bud then you won't end up getting the crap beat out of you, just sayin'.
Remember, kids learn from seeing and doing as well, not just listening, for the most part abusers take after abusers, wouldn't suprise me if his dad used to beat her up when he was young, he had to see it somewheres...


  1. Ouch... That sort of thing is just sad to hear about. Another guy singer Chris Browning someone he loved. (I assume?) Fault wise, it's definitely not the mother's fault ENTIRELY. Some blame sure, but ultimately Mario is old enough to be blamed fully for this.