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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Temper Tantrums

They don't call it the terrible twos for nothing!!!! I think it starts at this age any never stops because I can remember being older than 2 and freaking out, they had to bribe me with Teddy Grams so I would stop, I think my daughter gets it from me! She freaks out over the stupidest stuff, its cute but at the same time she needs to chill out!
Do you guys ever remember taking temper tantrums as a child?? What happened? How did your parents handle it?

When my daughter flips out I just ignore her, usually its over something like she broke her crayon, I don't sook her I just replace the crayon and we move on, or if she is mean she gets a time out for 2 minutes. I think she needs to learn sooner rather than later that her having spazz attacks wont make her get her way, whereas with me, I always got my way I was spoiled rotten, I do not want that for my child!


  1. O Gawd i used to and still freak out over nothing all the time.
    My terrible twos turned into a serious anxiety problem. D:

  2. Annnnnnd that's why I don't want to have children any time soon.

  3. ill smack my kid silly if he starts having a temper tantrum

  4. I remember my temper tantrums as a child. Those were always the worst too. I occasionally got what I want, but I also held grudges when I didn't get my way so my parents would instead meet me halfway or do something else to make me lose the grudge (like make my favorite dinner or treat me to ice cream after I calmed down).

    I like your approach with your daughter, seems like a fair idea. Though I will say one thing I didn't like when I was younger was the reasoning "because I said so." Not saying you would do this, but when possible, I recommend trying not to use that as a reason. It could have been just me, but I would get myself in more trouble demanding a real explanation from my parents which resulted in some really sour squabbles.

  5. Spazz = spankings.

    Thus tantrums were not common. :P