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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Parenting Fails

Some of these are funny and other just make me shake my head!
Ps. This is NOT how you do it!!!

Kids on  leashes, funny but the point is to teach them how NOT to act like an animal! Would I ever do this to my child? never.

Omg what a sin :( that poor kid is bawling and it's parents are like HAHA interwebz o_0

OMG what is this, I don't even.....that poor child is stuffed in a microwave and clearly not comfortable :( this is a DON'T

The fact that this statue even exists cracks me up,  he is just mad because he isn't well endowed and he feels he has to take his rage out on infants, sad LOL. I wonder if this actually happened or if some idiot made it for kicks (pun intended) haha


  1. those leashes make me soo angry a parents

  2. Wahahah, that's frickin hilarious.

  3. hahah so fuynnny

    show some love!

  4. I'm sure those pictures were taken in the south. :D

  5. Haha children on leashes, that's epic win.

  6. You are truly an inspiration! I will keep your thoughts in mind for my next blog posting.

  7. i hope to be at least this awesome when i finally have a kid.

  8. LOL! get these god damn things off me! priceless.