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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Top 10 Movies About Moms that Make me Cry

No specific order!

A mom starts to feel threatened when her ex-husband remarries a hotter, younger, cooler woman. 

A crazy mom who drags her teenage daughter everywhere while subsequently changing their relationship.

About a group of women and a beauty salon. 

A mom who leaves her husband when he cheats on her and her daughter doesn't understand, causing conflict between 3 generations.

About a mom who has a sick child.

A group of childhood friends help a womans daughter understand why she had a hard childhood

4 women who explore the mother/daughter relationship with cultural aspects

A mother with 3 daughters finds romance with a familiar man.

Mother/daughter differences.

10. Mermaids
A mother of 2 decides to relocate again after another failed relationship.

if you click on the titles you can get linked to IMDB for more info on movies :) 


  1. Great list! i'll have to check some of those out.

  2. Nice list of bawwww movies. :D
    You should list Serial Mom as a baww movies except the tears come from laughing.

  3. Stepmom is so much bawwwwwww...