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Monday, September 6, 2010

Sad News

What would you do if you child was having an asthma attack? As a parent I know I would do everything and anything in my power to make sure she was okay, including speeding to the hospital. Which is exactly what happened in this story. Now I think it's pretty safe to say !@#$ the cops at this point because most of them are just ignorant pieces of crap who think they are above the law. Now I'm not saying they are all like that because well I have family members who are cops and they are decent human beings but this story is exactly why not everybody should be a police officer. You have to have the right kind of heart to do both protect and serve and this cop obviously did not. Watch and tell me what you think.

R.I.P Briana


  1. Not a cop, probably a private security guard. Police officers are required to know CPR.

  2. Remember, there's only a few bad people in any demographic. Don't let that sway your opinion of them too harshly. Also, here is my daily support in hopes you keep posting.

  3. thats sad

  4. Poopa Bear to lil Poopie

    i am sharing the love,
    i am sharing the love.

    Poopa Bear out.

  5. Whoa.. that's horrible...

  6. i need to poop

    check it

  7. Thats really sad. All those cops I just dont get them. Killing and beating up with teasers and all this. Thats madness