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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Skin Care 2.0

Here are a few more tips to help you fix those annoying skin and beauty problems without having to spend mega bucks at your local pharmacy!

Soft Hands
1 tbsp Honey
1 tsp sugar
Massage into hands for a few minutes (it exfoliates the dead skin cells) then rinse clean and apply a light lotion.

Soft feet
Soak feet in warm water with a few drops of lemon juice, pat dry, apply vaseline, put on socks and go to bed. Wash well in the morning and moisturize. This also works well with hands (use gloves) and legs (cotton sweats are fine, leg warmers work well too)

White teeth
1 tsp baking soda
2-4 drops lemon juice
Brush teeth with toothpaste, rinse then brush again with baking soda mixture (tastes nasty but does the trick!) then rinse clean.

Dandruff fix
Baby Oil
Fine tooth Comb
Part hair, rub baby oil into scalp, brush scalp with fine tooth comb, wash scalp thoroughly with a grease removing shampoo (baby shampoo works fine but so does lemon dish washing liquid-the grease cutting kind) then apply conditioner from roots up (pro tip: adding conditioner to roots will cause your hair to look greasier faster, also causes build up and dandruff so try to avoid massaging conditioner into scalp)

Can be used as...
Hair conditioner (coat hair, leave on for 15-20 mins, wash out and your hair will be soft and manageable)
Soften skin (apply to dry/affected area for 10 mins and wipe clean)
Manicure (rub into cuticles, let sit for 10 mins and wash off)
Sunburn relief (apply cold mayo to affected area and let sit for as long as you need before washing away)


  1. For Sunburn, I always use "After Sunburn Relief" with Lidocaine. SO GOOD!!!

  2. the white teeth one works so good but taste similar to what I believe ass would taste like.

  3. so does the soft hands also works for the cheeks?

  4. I will have to try the white teeth one out!

    Showing some love for your page.

  5. a lil soft poopies but i agress.

    check my poll, every vote is helpful. He said its gonna be huge.

    smoochies n' poopies :*

  6. ill have to try this tomorrow

  7. nice information :P

    followin u

  8. thanks for the tips :)

  9. I should deal with my blackheads better =[ thanks! =D

  10. I think my skin became repellent to Peroxide today. Son of a bitch.

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  12. my skin is terrible and this post has helped tremendously

  13. Great post! Be sure to visit my blog too

  14. Deff will try the white teeth one out, and possibly the dandruff one. I wash my hair everyday and never use gel or spray, but I still get dandruff -__-. Thanks for the tips!

    Much love and a lil currency support going your way.

  15. Might try this, although my skin isnt too bad these days/ Thanks xxx

  16. awesome tips! make sure to check my blog out now!

  17. that teeth whitener seems kinda strange, but i'll try it

  18. does lemon juice contribute to the decay of your enamel :O maybe with the baking soda the acidic effect is lessend. hmmm.